You just might be able to after all.

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This is for those who think as of right now that they may never be able to do something. Last week I started a new part time as a security guard. For someone like myself who has had a socially debilitating speech impediment all her life this was a huge step and marker in my life. Even a year ago I had serious doubts that I could successfully pull it off to the satisfaction of my employers. It was brought up to me, I had my doubts and worry not so much for myself for I was accustomed to it tho for those who were wanting to hire me. First off I am AMAZED that they had that kind of faith in me in the first place. They were seeing something I definitely was not. I had no problem directing confused and or mildly annoyed to almost belligerent people to where they can park that was no where near were they were wanting to. While I am sure it was obvious I had a bit of a speech problem no one had trouble understanding what I was saying to them and 99 percent of the time would comply. I am really surprised by all of this and am glad I said that I’ll do the job when I was uncertain that I could.

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