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If you have landed on this page, you have found your way…

Very soon, I will be doing a project here at Heroes of the Now that will highlight the many ways to the inner peace that transforms our world and I would like you to be a part of it.  Please, if you haven’t already follow this link to stay current on the new developments here.

Next, use this form to send me an email and tell me a little bit about yourself, how you got to your understandings and inner peace, and where you came from and see yourself going.  Very soon, I will be interviewing you, if you like for inclusion on the Heroes of the Now website.

You have been the Hero of your Journey and that can help others to find their way.  That is what we do here and I hope that you would like to be a part of it.

Thank you for your time, value and consideration!



8 + = fifteen


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  1. January 18, 2012, 2:43 pm

    [...] please contact me, I would like to interview you for an upcoming collaborative project. Just click the link and use the form to tell me a little bit about yourself and how you have come to this place of [...]

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