Dedicated to all the Souls affected by 9/11…


Dear Friend,

I Remember…

You called, it was early and I was still asleep. Immediately, I felt it though… The deep rift in the Fabric of Humanity. Your voice was soothing, I Loved hearing your voice, but there was an edge as you told me to turn on the TV. And so it began.

I cried that morning for those Souls screaming. I felt the pain wracking through me as the events of that day unfolded. It was mesmerizing to witness the World change in that moment. And so it did. I remember feeling every emotion, every thought, every ripple of the reactions the World poured through the collective consciousness we all felt. And it changed me, as it did you. We were never the same after that day, were we?

I feel your presence Now, as I write this ten years hence. It is soothing again and I am grateful. There is no edge this time, as I contemplate the Peace I feel right Now. There has been too much pain and suffering since then, but with it has come a great transformation. A shift in Consciousness has occurred and the World is again, a different place. There has been healing this past decade. Humanity has risen up, a veritable vibrational upheaval has occurred and we find ourselves on the eve of an anniversary. Ten years has past… Can we let it go?

That is really the question isn’t it old friend. An inquiry on life itself, that question is and the answer seems so easy, yet why is it the hardest thing to do? I feel the tension mounting in the World right Now, but within the din another vibration, much higher and lighter in nature. That is what we seek, my friend. That is the tonic that soothes our Soul into the physical, spiritual bliss our beings know is possible. Life is but a letting go…

Love begins Now… True Love, the essence of Divinity itself. The Infinite One that resides within each of us is this Love and in that we are all the same. When I look at us, I see the Hope for Humanity. I see the possibility of yet another choice. We each must choose that which brings us to that which we already are… Love. When we let go of all that has come before and wake up to the Reality of this, much begins to shift and we view the World anew. We see other choices rooted in our Hearts and begin to follow this guidance. Our Souls, speaking clearly through us in thought, word and action results in total personal responsibility and we start becoming… Love.

It is a process, indeed, my friend. With its unique beauty and inspiration, it may not look so always, but there is a high vibrational quality to it. We start to see that the events in our lives that unfold before conscious eyes are sometimes an illusion, gripped by the non-reality of unbridled self-indulgent thought. It is this, that created those events ten years past and this that must be dropped. We can’t go on like this as a mass consciousness; it will take us to our demise. History will repeat itself if we don’t move on and we will be studied by advanced races who try to surmise why we fell.

A champion for Love, our actions begin to shift and we find Peace where before there was turmoil. It is born from the practice and to the practice we go when we start to withhold parts of our being. We must drop these layers that prevent further softening into the strength of our Infinite Self to navigate these tumultuous times. We no longer can bend to the whim of the collective and by our actions have made it clear we will no longer participate. Our growth perpetuates additional access to new ways of being and strengthens a growing new collective that is rising above the din. This resonance to the Truth is what guides us and we acknowledge the challenges are merely there to strengthen our resolve. Our way is becoming the new way and more are feeling it.

We are becoming the Heroes of our own Life Journey… Heroes of the Now, we are shifting the fabric of reality into higher vibrational places. We are carrying the octave of Peace and even though we sometimes slip, our ever-present Truth is that of growth and ascension. If we lose our way, we realign as quickly as we are able. We use our keen senses to notice our way through Life and those around us begin to notice as their own consciousness ascends. We are doing Creators work in tearing down the old, but must do so with Love and Compassion, as we make way for receiving the Infinite Joy of our new Creation. Steadfast we stand, diligent and open we Create as we go, allowing Love to guide our choices we know the garden is being tended.

We know there can be something different even yet, don’t we old friend! Our practice has taught us that there is something infinitely more and proven to us beyond a doubt that we hold the key to humanities salvation. I remember you were so alive… activated and knowing your purpose and in that you activated me. It took ten years and counting, but I am well journeyed on the path and excited for more! This deep unfolding into Consciousness brings about the most amazing experiences for which I am so grateful. They have led me to opening my Heart wide! Thrown the doors off and surrendered into that which I am. I release all that holds me back as I take to the Yoga mat once again to share Love with All Creation. Prayer and dedication to the Souls affected by 9/11, I resolve myself to be a beacon of Peace in the World today.

So, on this eve of the ten year anniversary of 9/11, I forgive and release all of the past. I allow the Love of the Present Moment to dictate my choices and so I choose to pray Peace tomorrow and starting right Now, I fully embody the Love that I am and shine it forth into my reality and humbled, I watch the Universe respond in Kind…

I Love You Old Friend! Namaste.



Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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