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Let us sleep together , my love. Let us be the words of poets who speak of passion and eternal nights. Lay with me now as our flesh becomes one and then dream the same dream. We are poets. We are eternal night. Read More »

You just might be able to after all.

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This is for those who think as of right now that they may never be able to do something. Last week I started a new part time as a security guard. For someone like myself who has had a socially debilitating speech impediment all her life this was a huge step and marker in my life. Even a year ago I had serious doubts that I could successfully pull it off to the satisfaction of my... Read More »

Feeling Beautifull

The Hero's Blog

Such a gloriously beautiful day out in the wilderness today. I took a drive down a long swath of gravel road between 89 A and Dry Creek Road and at about the halfway point stopped to get out into it all. I struggle to convey in words what it is like for me (which is mostly why I am¬†writing¬†this) and my relationship to it. Do some of you know how music can move your emotions like... Read More »

Respectfully Yours, Winter

The Hero's Blog

I am struggling with this even tho I know that is not the way. I would not be considered the Superman or Wonderwoman kind of hero. I am more akin to Rorschach. I am disturbed and I do not want to give in. I push to become more tho I can not see a light at the end. I am aware of the myriad of quotes from Sagan, Buddah, Jung, Abraham, Campbell even my own teacher... Read More »

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