2-week Journey to Remembering


We Begin Right Here, Right Now

Today we begin a journey into expanded consciousness. We start right where we are, right now… Take a couple of minutes to allow yourself to be in your body and breath. Deep breaths into your belly allowing it to expand, filling your lungs deeply and fully. Cycle a few of those and be…

Over the next two weeks, I will be posting here daily.  A theme for the day will emerge from the practice and I will share my experience with it and guide you, the participant through an experience of letting go and remembering.  This is a transformational practice and much healing can and will occur if one is willing to do the work and go deep.  We must let so much go in order to remember, so that is what we shall do.

Today we be begin.  Right here, Right Now…  Commit to this practice for the next 2 weeks. Stand up for your inner being and say I accept.  We come to the practice as we are right now, carrying all the experiences that we care to remember, or not remember into this moment with us.  So, take a look…

  • Was it easy or difficult to find a moment to just breathe and be?  How long did it last?
  • Was your mind still or filled with thoughts?
  • Were you able to shut out the external world or did it invade your space?
  • What emotions were just under the surface?
  • Were you skeptical or resonant?
  • Was there judgement or blame of self and others?
  • Was there Love and Kindness?  Joy or Happiness?

Don’t let these questions be your only guide…  Merely allow yourself to take stock of where you are at. Acceptance is a good practice now.  Accept the way things are in this moment as you enter your practice. This is the way we come to it, as we are…  The better we can accept that the smoother things will be and easier it will be to raise our vibrational frequency.

So, take a look today as you move from experience to experience, moment to moment and pay attention to what comes up.  Allow for an intuitive experience to come to you, stay open and bring awareness to the present as often as possible.  And we begin, as we are right now.

Prepare for the journey by starting your own journal, gather your supplies… pen and paper, open a word document and save it, find your tools of expression and gather them to you.  Perhaps a video and or blog comes of it or it comes from the ethers and returns to, it’s up to you.  However, you do need to document this journey for yourself…  So, come to peace with that and find your means of expression, call it out and embrace it for it will be your companion and guide for the next two weeks.

I welcome feedback and comments, please share your experiences here and/or at the Facebook fan page.  This experience is for all to share, learn and grow…  To understand that there is community in this peaceful endeavor.  In beauty we walk together and create synergy as we all come to faster vibrational frequencies and higher consciousness our light shines bright!

Now go into your practice again and take a few minutes to meditate, begin by focusing all attention and awareness on the breath.  Expand your being through your breath, rising into higher frequencies of Love and Kindness.  Feel it move through you in this breath.  You may choose to use a guided meditation to assist you in your practice, awesome… A sample from Heavenly Hygiene a shamanic meditation that is a stand alone World Peace Meditation is available here.

Now with your awareness firmly rooted, carry this experience throughout the day.  Notice and express, experience and journal…  Bring your consciousness, that which you just connected to into as many moments as you can today.

Blessings to you on your way…

Love and Kindness,


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