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The Hero’s Journey is one that brings you clarity and inner peace. From this rediscovered seat of your being comes a personal power to authentically move beyond current limitations, fear and uncertainty into the life you have dreamed of. This can happen very rapidly when attention is focused on the present moment.

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Find Breath… Your Inspiration.
the Journey Begins…
Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.
Patanjali — Yoga Sutras
The Hero’s Journey doesn’t happen by reading a book or watching a movie, it comes by participating fully in your own Soul Journey to Consciousness.  You are the Hero of that Journey and it begins Now.  
Marc Titus, the Modern Yogi

Yogi, Shaman, Author, Photographer & Wildland Firefighter

Marc guides you on a journey of self discovery allowing you to explore your inner self, and with an understanding of your personal consciousness it brings an awareness of the positive earth energy helping you to release past negativities and move forward with an enlightened focus.
Michael and Lisa Jackson Melbourne, Australia
Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the Soul…  
An adventure motorcyclist
A remarkable You!
Infinite and Free
Heroes of the Now are bringing about dramatic inner shifts towards peace and tranquility.  They are finding a higher vibration, their Life Purpose and creating a new experience guided by Spirit.  They quest for the Truth and self-mastery, knowing it will set them free.  This internal journey forwards peace on the planet and furthers evolutionary growth during these trying times of change and transition.  Heroes of the Now hold ever true to the highest good for all Creation and with heart-centered thoughts, words and actions are bringing consciousness to humanity.

Marc’s book took me on a journey of rediscovery of my true self, my connections and the infinite possibilities. In a realm full of distractions where it is easy to pulled away from your spiritual path, this book was a “spiritual oasis” providing a structured and practical approach to getting back there. On the way, there are tears, challenges and revelations but the guidance Marc provides gets you through and onto the next platform. I am grateful to Marc and would recommend this book to anyone serious about their spiritual development.  Angie Ursic, Melbourne Australia

Marc is an inspirational teacher, with his words bringing personal, authentic and wise teachings to every student. By walking on the pathway to tap into his own truth he is able to touch others and teach from a place of experience, deep kindness and understanding.
Nicola Phoenix, the Spiritual Phsychologist


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